1. Deutschland in 8 Bit II [COUCOU031]

  2. back to Newc45tle - Lost Causality [COUCOU030]
    back to Newc45tle

  3. Triace - Magic Vials EP [COUCOU029]

  4. 60's Chiptune Covers Compilation [COUCOU028]

  5. 70's Chiptune Covers Compilation [COUCOU027]

  6. Chrono Triggers & Silnaye - Margarita distortion EP [COUCOU026]

  7. 80's Chiptune Covers Compilation [COUCOU025]

  8. Deutschland in 8bits - German Micromusic compilation [COUCOU024]

  9. Russia in 8Bit – V/A Russian Micromusic Compilation [COUCOU023]

  10. 8-b.it Compilation – V/A Italian Micromusic Scene [COUCOU022]

  11. 90′s Covers Compilation – V/A Micromusic Compilation [COUCOU021]

  12. Omino Lego - Tales from my world [COUCOU020]

  13. Hugo & Zoe – Hugo & Zoe EP [COUCOU019]

  14. I Against Me & Console Killer – Voltage XX EP SPLIT [COUCOU018]

  15. Microman – Intense Flow EP [COUCOU017]

  16. Italian Micromusic 4 Japan – V/A Italian Micromusic Compilation [COUCOU016]

  17. Jay Tresh – Out of the swamp EP [COUCOU015]

  18. MicroRevenge – Micromusic Compilation [COUCOU014]

  19. Mister Beep – A thousand furious bees [COUCOU013]

  20. Blip my Chip – ItaloFrance Micromusic Compilation [COUCOU012]

  21. Michu - 4Ch Ftw [COUCOU011]

  22. Fantomenk – The Massacre EP [COUCOU010]

  23. Flavio – Circo Banana EP [COUCOU009]

  24. Northern Bitmasters – Canadian Micromusic Compilation [COUCOU008]

  25. JKP – Abracadraba EP [COUCOU007]

  26. Micropupazzo – Eats you [COUCUO006]

  27. Maskinoperator – Synth Sprit Och CP Skador 2005-2009 [COUCOU005]

  28. Ultrasyd – Fractal Dimension EP [COUCOU004]

  29. 8Bites Of Pizza – Italian Micromusic Compilation [COUCOU003]

  30. Fish and Chip 8bit – Disco Azzurro EP [COUCOU002]

  31. Chrono Triggers – Jellifishes Attack! EP [COUCOU001]


COUCOU Micromusic Netlabel Roma, Italy

Founded (12/02/2009) by Buskerdroid and J8b!t.

All of our productions are licensed with Creative Commons and are freely downloadable. Our money is your caring and sharing, However every year we have to face some costs to keep this project up and running. Would you like to help us through a little donation? Now you can by clicking on the “Donate” button to give us a small offer through PayPal. ... more

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